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Our Signature Flavors

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream combines the best locally sourced ingredients in the New York area to create a product that is new, refreshing and unlike any other in today's food industry. Aside from our seasonal rotation of delectable flavors we offer customized flavors: You name it, We'll make it!
Ice Ice Mikey

Not just your traditional vanilla, this is triple vanilla. Enjoy a blend of three of the worlds most flavorful vanilla beans in every spoonful.

Truffle Shuffle

What happens when you mix milk chocolate ice cream with your favorite mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmallows?
A chocolate explosion that will have you craving more.

Pink Floyd

Take a walk on the dark side of the moon with this double strawberry and cheesecake treat.

Southern Hospitality

If you love butter pecan, this is for you! Enjoy this pecan ice cream with praline pecans and chunks of pecan pie.

Foxy Brown

If you love mocha now add crushed chocolate wafer cookies and a sea salt caramel swirl. Don't mess around we're just talking about Foxy Brown!

Mint Condition

Wouldn't you fall in love with the coolness of natural mint and triple fudge chocolate brownie pieces? If not, you're breaking my heart!

Dough Boy

Chocolate brownie dough pieces are combined with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces to make Mikey's version of this classic flavor.

Brady Bunch

Banana pudding, vienna fingers, and crushed vanilla wafers met ice cream. That's the way they all became the Brady Bunch.

The Cookie Jar

Mikey Likes It Signature Dairy-free Cookies-n-Cream.

Eat to Heal

Inspired by Dr. Sebi this vegan flavor is made of blackberry hibiscus & red sea moss ice cream with a crushed pineapple and cayenne pepper swirl.

Incredible Hulk

Spinach, kale, spirulina, green apple ,mango, banana, bitter melon and sea moss. Not sure if it'll give you the ability to hulk smash but it's delicious!


Mac Daddy

Half waffle ice cream sandwich with your choice of ice cream and flavored waffle.

Daddy Mac

Whole waffle ice cream sandwich with your choice of ice cream and flavored waffle.

Nice & Smooth

Mikey Likes It signature milkshake with your choice of healthy ice cream made with coconut water, soy milk or almond milk.

2 Live Crew

Mikey Likes It signature milkshake with your choice of ice cream.

Milli Vanilli

Coke or root beer float served with two scoops of your choice of ice cream.